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Crystal Healing; Reconnect

Are you feeling disconnected from the world around you and your spiritual self? This session will help you to get reconnected.        30min


Crystal Healing; Spirit Lifter

Feeling down in the dumps? Get a feel good boost with spirit lifter.  30min


Crystal Healing; Stress Buster 

It is well known that stress does not do the body good. Unblock stress from all levels of your being with this session. 30min


Crystal Healing; Total Body

Feeling agitated and sluggish? Let’s revive you with a total body session. 30 min


Crystal Healing; Energy Field Activation

This session works on activating the energy field surrounding the body. Once activated it has many abilities, including protection & raising the psyche  45 min


Crystal Healing; Unblock Energies

Clears awareness and releases blocked energy  30 min


Crystal Healing; Chakra Balance

Recharge and balance the bodies energy centers  45 min

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